Mystery Travel Experiences

Mystery Travel

Make Your Next Vacation a Mystery Experience

We will put the adventure and mystery back in your travels. 

How the Mystery Travel Experience works:

You choose your preferred experience – day trips, weekend getaways, honeymoons or group experiences – the dates and budget, and we pick your destination and plan your unique mysterious destination travel experience.

Where you could go or do:


The Great American Getaway- Could it be the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, The beaches of Florida Keys, the bright lights of New York or the sin city of Las Vegas? Starting from $750 per person


International Wanderlust- Are you heading to the famous city of light- Paris, the hospitable Greek Islands, the city of Pomp- London or maybe could it be Brussels Belgium to enjoy their famous chocolate?  Starting at $2000 per person


Relaxing Beach Vaca- All inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Mexico, or the South Pacific. Starting at $1500 per person

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Mystery Cruises- River or Ocean cruising in exotic ports and the most fun, relaxing and scenic vacation you can take.  Cruise are no less than 7 days long. Starting at $2500 per person

Step 1:

You answer a few quick questions through our pre-trip questionnaire. To plan your surprise vacation, we'll need to know the following information:

  • Your budget per person (travel + accommodation)

  • Travel dates

  • Travel preferences

  • Traveler interests

  • Traveler information

Step 2:

We will book your travel & accommodation, given your budget.

Step 3:

A week before your departure, you receive an email. This email contains:

  • The weather forecast for your mystery destination

  • Recommended items to pack (a bathing suit, hiking boots)

  • Any luggage size restrictions

  • Where to go and when (Grand Central Station, Friday at 10:30AM!)

Step 4:

A few days before your trip, you receive an envelope in the mail, which you do NOT open just yet. This envelope contains directions to your accommodation, and your city guide. Since you don't have time to do research on your destination, we do it for you! We'll send you off with a curated list of recommendations for everything from cafes to nightlife to rainy day activities. We promise you won't be bored wherever you go.

But remember, don't open this envelope yet!

 Step 5:

You go to the designated location at the given time, open your envelope, and head out on your Mystery Travel Experience.

Ready to book that one of a kind Mystery Travel Experience?

Tell us your budget, answer a few questions and start packing!